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BizFizz is different – it has no rules, no set systems, no boundaries! The coach is entirely free to pursue a course of action that directly benefits the community, no matter how unconventional that course of action may be. And it works! — Fred Forshaw, Bizfizz Coach, Tuxford

Success stories

A man came to see the BizFizz Coach in Horden for help with a funding application to start a painting and decorating business. In the course of the conversation it emerged that he did not really want to be a painter and decorator but to make some money to get his hang-gliding instructor’s license. Hang-gliding was his passion. The Coach is supporting him to develop a business around being a hang-gliding instructor rather than a painter decorator.

BizFizz aims to have an impact and to influence local and mainstream support.  BizFizz projects generally last two years with support from nef during this period, some projects are extended but in the main projects evolve into what their communities require.

The Local Management Group is instrumental in the strategic action required to leave a legacy, they are able to gather information from the community and assess the needs and preferences taking the appropriate action in future developments.

Often a BizFizz Coach reaches the areas, individuals and local networks that mainstream business support agencies have been unable to.  They also offer support that is otherwise constrained; this might be practical as well as academic or even acting as a sounding board.  For these reasons the coach is usually asked to stay on and continue their support.

This is what happened next for three projects post-BizFizz: