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Being a BizFizz client means I have the valued support of a professional business team to guide me in my new business. The help, advice and services I have received from BizFizz during my coaching by Celia, in areas that I am not that familiar with has been of huge benefit to me and my approach to my business has changed for the better in that I have a better understanding of what needs to happen to make things happen — Peter Hargreaves, The Stage Management Company

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Who’s behind BizFizz?
BizFizz was developed by nef (the new economics foundation) and the Civic Trust. Since 2009 nef has been responsible for supporting and delivering the BizFizz programme. We believe that promoting enterprise is a good way to regenerate communities because local businesses are more likely to employ local people, provide services to improve the local quality of life, spend money locally and so circulate wealth in the community, help people to achieve their dreams, and become skilled and confident, and promote community cohesion.

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Liz CoxElizabeth Cox
Programme Head, Connected Economies
Tel: 020 7820 6300