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BizFizz is different – it has no rules, no set systems, no boundaries! The coach is entirely free to pursue a course of action that directly benefits the community, no matter how unconventional that course of action may be. And it works! — Fred Forshaw, Bizfizz Coach, Tuxford

Community benefits

BizFizz brings tremendous practical benefit for the individual entrepreneur and in so doing, it also transforms communities.

BizFizz brings to a community:

  • A dedicated Coach promoting entrepreneurship.
  • A huge amount of positive publicity for local enterprise and the idea of community development through entrepreneurship.
  • A network in place with a core of 30-60 key people on the Local Experts Panel, meeting monthly to support local entrepreneurs and 300 more behind them, who have ‘bought-in’ to the idea of supporting local entrepreneurs.

BizFizz results in:

  • Increased business start-up and survival.
  • Job creation.
  • Improved personal incomes for entrepreneurs, their employees and sub-contractors.
  • Retention of wealth in the community.
  • The building up of economic and social capital in the community.

BizFizz also brings about a significant cultural change in the community:

  • A community educated about the importance of local wealth creation and dedicated to supporting its local entrepreneurs.
  • A better networked and connected community with private, public and community sectors working together, bringing benefits beyond BizFizz, in dealing with community issues, public services, and planning.
  • Increased confidence and sense of self-reliance among the community as a whole and its leaders.  A move from dependence on external solutions to generating community action and fostering local visions.