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BizFizz is different – it has no rules, no set systems, no boundaries! The coach is entirely free to pursue a course of action that directly benefits the community, no matter how unconventional that course of action may be. And it works! — Fred Forshaw, Bizfizz Coach, Tuxford

About BizFizz

BizFizz is an innovative programme for entrepreneurs focusing on start-ups, micro and small enterprises in areas experiencing economic disadvantage. It turns the passion and enthusiasm of individuals into a driving force for local economic renewal by mobilising the skills and resources within communities.

Promoting and supporting local enterprise should be part of any strategy for economic regeneration. Local businesses are more likely to employ local people, provide services to improve the local quality of life, spend money locally and so circulate wealth in the community, help people to achieve their dreams, become skilled and confident, and promote community cohesion.

Passion is our currency
Our approach is to uncover people’s passions and then remove the barriers to them achieving success.

BizFizz works with passionate people in relatively small and defined communities where there is some level of economic disadvantage. The entrepreneur can be living in the area, trading in the area or moving into the area.

What types of business?
BizFizz is accessible to all. We can help any business, whatever stage it’s at from a new idea to already trading. There are no restrictions based on the size or structure of the business, whether it is a sole-trader, a partnership, a company or a social enterprise. BizFizz can also help any sector: retail, distribution, manufacturing and services.

Complementary approach
BizFizz aims to complement existing services such as Business Links and Enterprise Agencies by offering a community-based approach that not only enhances networking within the community, but also reduces barriers to use these services. It incorporates representatives of such organisations onto the Local Panel in order to ensure best possible service and opportunities for clients whether they are start-ups or existing businesses.

Reaching people and places
BizFizz transforms communities and fosters sustainable development by building economic and social capital, and supporting environmentally sound ideas. BizFizz also brings to a community:

  • A dedicated Coach promoting entrepreneurship and the importance of local wealth creation
  • Positive publicity for local enterprise and the idea of community development through entrepreneurship
  • A Local Panel of key people who act as a network for entrepreneurs, helping them unblock problems and providing key information and contacts
  • Increased confidence and sense of self-reliance among the community as a whole. A move from dependence on external solutions to generating your own and fostering development of local visions
  • A better networked and connected community with private, public and community sectors working together, building a culture of confidence..

Getting results
BizFizz outcomes:

  • Increased business start-up and survival
  • Job creation
  • Improved personal incomes for entrepreneurs, their employees and sub-contractors
  • Retention of wealth in the community
  • The building up of economic capital in the community.